Saturday, June 6, 2009

What we are

We all expect to plan out our lives, hoping the best only for ourselves and not anyone else. we are slaves to the biggest fall of mankind-greed. enough is never enough because there is no room anybody else, all our lives are there to battle each other until we share our final fate, death. Why must we use our lives, spend countless days just for a dream to be rich and successful , just to support ourselves?Why can't some of us care about anyone else but our friends and families? We have to understand that we only have one life, and to waste it on things so trivial are useless. the only way to ease our own pain is to cure someone else' . because pain cannot be cured by self-pity or suicide. life is to precious to throw away for one matter. Those who have many problems in their life tend to be more emotionally stronger than others because what doesnt kill us can only make us stronger.
Making problems for simple things only degrades ourselves and makes others dislike us because such small things should be mentioned and learned from, not cried upon. those who blame others for their own problems get nowhere in life because the key to success is accepting your own mistakes. because when we accept our mistakes, we learn from them.
Thinking we are greater or more worthy than someone else based on gender, background, skin colour, age, ethnicity, disabilities or appearance is the path to destruction. We must embrace the differences in eachother because in one field lacked, is another field gained. there have been people even presently who think only 1 type of people are acceptable. perhaps only white or black skinned, blond haired blued eyed. but our differences are our gift, it makes us see the good in others and them to see the good in us.
There is a voice at least one point in our lives where we feel we are needed for something great, we are needed for the good of mankind. if there is a God, he put us here to help one another not to raise ourselves. because those who raise themselves do not hae tru happiness. we are all pieces of a puzzle waiting to get set together and we have to love eachother. there is too much hate in the world and in the past, man competing against man and taking lives just for the sake of money and comfortable surroundings.
those who want to be remembered more than just successful buisnessmen and millionaires understand that they do not deservelavish surrounding when billions suffer just to get a piece of bread on the table.the only thing stopping people in poverty from rapidly killing eachother is one word, a word which has been used in history thousands of times. Hope. it is what drives us to keep working harder to get to the top , but the truth is, only a selected few will reach the destination
the media gives us a picture that we will all be movie stars , millionaires or proffessional athletes in the world, but the sad fact is, we will all not. we are just in a cycle where a selected few will succeed, and the rest, just keep working hard for the rest of or lives hoping to accmplish it too.
but regretfully, many sit onthe deathbed, seeingthat their lives were just trials and tribulations all for the sake of fame and fortune. is this what our true goal should be?
money can only buy happiness for a limited time, but true happiness is helping another. all the great people who have helped the poor in the past tend to be extremely happy, because knowing that we changed another person's life in happiness in its true form.
we must stop chasing these trivial things in life and look at the big picture. we are one. you cannot chose your destiny, but u can chose the right paths. life is sacred and it should be used to the utmost potential.
Change the world small or big, donate, give to the poor, help a womancross the road, start a charity , love equally and look through others eyes.